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Welcome to the Department of Youth Services (DYS) website.   This is an exciting time for the department as we continue to grow and adapt, remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive. DYS is confronting a time of many changes and we strive to embrace these changes during a period of larger nation-wide and global change. The world of youth development is an exciting area in which to work, study and play, as we continue to meet and inspire young people, bringing them together in forums, to ensure that DYS remains at the cutting edge of youth development.

Our hope is to empower a large number of Belizean youth through the established programs managed by DYS along with the many programs offered by our youth stakeholder organizations.



Youth Governance is mandated to foster personal development, instill leadership, encourage legal and constitutional reform, volunteerism and youth participation in the development of our country. 


The Enterprise and Job Creation Unit is in charge of supporting and fostering youth entrepreneurship and productivity. This unit collaborates with private sectors to secure job opportunities for youth interested in entering the work force.

Resource Center

This Center is tailored to provide both in-school and unattached young persons with a youth-friendly environment of learning and enjoyment. A space to grow through life skills training and development of marketable skills through Information Technology (IT) training.

Health and Well Being

The Health and Well Being Unit provides information in order to bring awareness to different physical and mental health illnesses, especially those most popular amongst youth. This unit provides a youth friendly space, especially for those in difficult circumstances to access services and information related to health and well being.

Empowerment and Community Outreach

 The Empowerment and Outreach Unit focuses on at-risk youth who are in and out of school, to either help them stay in school, or, for those who are out of school, to either get back into school or gain employment.


 YATA (Youth Advocacy through Arts) is the Social Arts arm of Vertical, and the initiative with our department to gather young people who are talented and interested in theater performance and offer them a positive platform for expression using theatrical performance.


The Primary and Secondary Art Skills Training (PSAST) is a program sponsored by the Department of Youth Services and the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan), to provide professional painting & drawing skills while providing a safe space for youth to practice their creative talents.

National 4-H Center

The National 4-H & Youth Development Centre is committed to equipping Belizean youth with marketable skills on agriculture that will support and sustain their efforts to become productive citizens of Belize.



What Are People Saying?

"Very Professional"

"It's always great stopping in at DYS, everyone treats you with respect and ensures that your needs are met."

"Great Service"

"It's amazing how everyone is so willing to help you! If someone is unable to, another staff member will come in to help how they can." 

"Kind & Loving"

"Me and my friends stop in at the Department frequently to either get work done for school or  simply to meet up and hang out. We love meeting there because everyone always treats us kindly. DYS is truly a safe space."

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